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Our Mission

We are committed to providing a high quality product 

& client satisfaction while working together as a team.

Summary of Resume Services

*   Complete resumes generated over the Internet 

*   Business resumes (standard, professional, executive)

*   Student resumes (college, high school)  

*   Full Web Design Services (design and web maintenance)  

*   Quick turnaround -- Next day service available!

*   Experienced with a wide range of job descriptions

*   Cover letters prepared to meet individual needs

*   Personal statements & essays 

*   All resumes electronically stored for easy updates 

*   More than 20 years in the resume business

*   Friendly, efficient, results oriented

*   Confidentiality and full satisfaction guarantee

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Work Sheets

Resume Samples

Resume Price List

We have interactive worksheets in this section for preparation of student & professional resumes. These  provide a full, comprehensive list of inputs needed for your resume. The worksheets are also interactive to allow submittal to us for review and comments.

We have samples of both professional (business) & student resumes and corresponding business cover letters. Examples of business resumes are:  sales/marketing, business management, nursing, engineering and executive. Examples for students are in science and accounting. We also have an example of a high school resume. 

Our prices are listed for resumes & cover letters for both students and professionals. You'll find the prices competitive, and the finished work unsurpassed.

Other services include:

 -  Expedited "1 day" service 

 -  Upgrade existing resume  

 -  Personal statements & essays

 -  Resume critiques & evaluations

 -  Resume & interview workshops

Testimonials and News Articles

We have included  a small sampling of letters we have received from our many satisfied customers. We'd love to add you to this list! Additionally in this section are  several newspaper articles about us, as well as some articles we have published. 

Ask Madeline

Job Seeking 101...with Madeline

We have a nationally syndicated weekly column where we answer questions from readers regarding all aspects of "job seeking" including resume preparation and content, cover letters, job interviews, etc.

Web Design Services

We offer complete web design service from custom web design using MS FrontPage to uploading web designs to  host and maintaining (revisions) on the internet.

Click here to view Web Design Samples


Contact Information

All work completed thoroughly & expediently by e-mail. 

We would love to hear from you. Ask for Madeline.



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