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Below are a small sampling of letters we have 

received from our many satisfied customers. 

We'd love to add you to this list!

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"Just a note to tell you that I got the job at HRO Systems and with a healthy raise as well as a great position ....Thank You"

Jerry M. , Long Beach, CA


" I thought I'd let you know you can add another notch on your success roster.  LM ended up offering me more than my asking price. Thanks again for your assistance."  

David M., Endicott, NY


" You've been a big help and I just want to thank you for that...and don't think that I won't be recommending you to other people." 

Scott T., Syosset, NY


" Looks fantastic.  I think you are a genius!"

Stephanie L., Ocean, NJ


" I am very happy with the end result.  I originally thought the whole idea was a bit pricey, but now see it's worth every penny."

Lee H., Tampa, FL


"Thank you for the great cover letter. It is superb."

Henry V., Myrtle Beach, SC


"You have a great ability to take people's jobs and make them look better."

Erik K., Atlanta, GA


"Thanks a million.  I think it looks great."

Heidi B., Oceanside, CA


"Wow!  Great looking résumé.  I love it."

Victoria F. , Houston, TX


"Thanks for doing such a great job on my résumé.  I was given interviews at all 7 accounting firms I applied to.  That shows the importance of a well-prepared résumé."

Thomas K., New York, NY


"Thanks so much for all your help.  The résumé looks absolutely fantastic.  I appreciate your help and advice."

Matthew K., Chicago, IL


"Just a note to say thank you once again!  I am so pleased with the results and I am glad to be able to submit such a professional resume to my friend at TargetMedia."

Christine R., Vestal, NY


"My sincere thanks for all your help & meticulous work."  

Tina P.,  Buffalo, NY




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Last modified: October 21, 2010